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Dancing our way to Power Painting our Dreams

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, In : Power Painting 
Our dreams start off in the air around our heads and hearts as wispy little white puffs like clouds that disappear when you look straight at them.  We know they’re there, but they are undefined… just a yearning, really… for something… we’re not always quite sure what.

Then we think about them, flitting about in the air like mulit-coloured butterflies… powdery yellows, red and blues start to tint them slightly…oranges, golds and purples embolden them... feint shapes may appear…...
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Why I am so loving it...

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, In : Power Painting 
Power Painting...I am so drawn to this form of expression right now. Maybe it's because it's so contained - I know that it's not difficult to complete a small box canvas. Perhaps it's because I love box canvas - they can be hung immediately on your wall, with a simple nail or two, no frame required. Well, these are good reasons for sure, because they make this kind of art less daunting and harder to find reasons to procrastinate over. 

Mostly though, the reason is the awesome time it gives me ...

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What is Power Painting?

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Sunday, July 11, 2010, In : Power Painting 
Well, I feel a bit conflicted about using the name now, because while I was busily designing my courses, along came an invitation to attend a 2 day workshop in none other than...Power Painting.   When I looked at the info, it was actually an Intuitive Painting process they were going to follow.  So, since we'd already called our Intuitive Painting process something else (Soul Painting), I totally understood where this name was coming from.  The facilitator's own personal take on the process, ...
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