James Thurber said, ‘A drawing is always dragged down to the level of its caption’. This is true in many cases, but not always. Words can trap and limit ideas if we are not wary. They are clear, they give definition, so it's important to check whether they uplift and open or whether they create a response that restricts or decreases our energy and flow.  Often they come from our critical, analytical left-brain...and may indeed close creativity down.

On the other hand, expressive art forms...lines, a pattern, a shape, gestural mark-making on the other hand, flow freely from the psyche or sub-conscious to the psyche or inner world. They suggest. They evoke. They tease.  They open up possibility, make you feel something, but don’t tell you what you should or must feel, of how exactly you should or must respond.

Your response is your own. And it speaks to you on a level beyond the pragmatic... the level of magic, fantasy, wonder and complete freedom.  When you're involving yourself in opening up and exploring your creativity, be open to expression that does the same, whether it be through words, or visual expression, movement, sound or a combination of all these artful forms.  They key is to ask yourself how to use them in ways that release, liberate and open up your creative development...rather than in ways that may bring them down.

Creative inspiration: try your hand at creating captions for our Facebook paintings and drawings...in ways that uplift, open and inspire!