If you want to haul your dreams out of the attic of your psyche (where you keep the dusty pressed flowers, the tarot cards and the talking monkey) and make them come true, you have to kick down a few intimidating doors. The doors have labels on them… labels like… self-criticism, self-judgement, addiction to rules and regulations, fear, and doubt. But once you’ve conquered the doors (Oh! That wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be) what comes bursting out (wearing a trapeze artist’s tutu and glittery lipstick) is a version of you that is able to play with the very pulse of life…a self that is free to explore, free to giggle, free to be curious about ANYTHING, free to splash and mess and scribble and experiment …and free to LOVE every second of the process of creating your own magnificent life. Breaking your own creative blocks may seem like a scary task at first; but you soon find out that the doors are only made of misconceptions!