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Are you a visionary, determined and committed to creating a better world and better ways of working?  Do you see things differently, and have the desire to be part of the world's conscious change makers?

Our work empowers visionary individuals, entrepreneurs, company leaders, teams, coaches, trainers and facilitators...who are dissatisfied with the status quo... to create more colour, creativity and success in your lives and professional worlds, and in the life and business worlds of those you serve. 

Strengthening and developing creativity in one area of your life or business will inevitably ripple outwards and be able to apply elsewhere too. 

Whether your focus is wealth creation for shareholders and value creation for clients, the health of your system, team or an individual, or the overall happiness and morale of your business, Creativity Gym ensures you're able to tap into your complete reservoir to pull out your most creative capabilities, time and time again.  It also gives you tools to ensure your reservoir is always full and flowing, with ways to unblock whenever you feel a creative block.

Creativity Gym provides coaching journeys and training to develop your own creative environment, systems and signature toolkits. 

To create a world we love to be a part of, we need to create the practices that develop our own ability to be our most creative, powerful, wise selves. 

Creative practices and skills will help you innovate as a company, and develop your own inspirational speaking, tools, training, coaching and team builds to enrich your offerings and service levels to your clients and customers at team and individual level too.

Have a look around, there's sure to be something that delights you. 

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Nurture Yourself, Your Business and Your Creativity Every Day...

Creativity Gym is a "personal and business innovation - meets - intuitive art and expressive creativity" concept, created to provide nurturing, unusual, meaningful, non-traditional and intuitive personal, group and business development, coaching and training using heart based innovation, soulful creativity and powerful art techniques that anyone and everyone can access easily. 

We use cutting edge research in innovation, change and creativity with practical mixed media, movement, inspiration, music, intuitive wisdom and more to create unique play- and workshops.  Each offering is designed to give you ideas and techniques to develop your own creative practices for every day, every week and monthly use, and to empower yourself to create the unique life colourfully, playfully and meaningfully.

Creativity Gym Workshops and Courses

We provide training workshops, train-the-trainer programmes, online programmes and 1:1 coaching along with group workshops and talks for companies locally and internationally, to explore, discover and express your innermost, essential strengths, abilities and clear vision.  These sessions can include a taster of several of our other signature processes, including Power Painting and Visual Innovation Journaling for example, depending on your requirements.

Our signature courses are available as online programmes for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or studio.

Corporate and group bookings

Private creativity parties along with short- and long-term personal, team development and corporate events are also able to be designed to suit your needs.  Customised creative team builds and long term, depth work with groups are our speciality!

Online Courses and Products for Creativity 

Anywhere, Anytime

These can be designed for corporates and groups on request.

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Our Supportive Approach to Intuitive Expressive Art and Creativity

At Creativity Gym and through our online e-courses you are given support, challenge, encouragement, respect, space, materials and guidance to...

* find your authentic self and express your unique aspects
* gain confidence in yourself and your creativity and learn to trust your intuition
* play with colour again, experimenting with creative techniques and tools
* enjoy the process...and relax about the outcome
* de-stress in a safe environment and supportive space
* connect with like-minded creatives, develop your own creative community
* renew your spirit and soul, rejuvenate your ‘joi de vivre’, your joy of being alive
* learn there’s only no “right” or "wrong" way... just YOUR way!

Creative Skills You Will Develop through Regular Creativity Gym Practice...

  * trust your intuition & let go of judgement

* live life as a creative experience

* apply creative philosophy to life's challenges

* appreciate the richness of your inner world

* seek joy through expression

* add right brain thinking to left brain situations

* discover peace in difficult emotional situations

* destination? delicious!

Everybody welcome!

* If you can move, speak, hold a pen or pencil...you can access your creativity...
* All levels welcome - especially if you are new to self expression

* Unsure of your creative abilities and not sure where to start...we are here to help you!
* No previous art experience needed at all!

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