Reach Your Personal and Professional Potential and Make a Positive Difference in Our World Through A Creative Lifestyle of Innovative, Creative Choices and Practices

What is Creativity Gym?

Creativity Gym is all about coaching you and inspiring you to create the best ways to live and do business together. 

Imagine the way you would love life and your business to be.  Imagine it all, in full colour.  Imagine being supported to create it that way, and to join a collective of fellow creative who are as committed as you are to making our world a fabulous, beautiful and prosperous place to be, for all.

Creativity Gym has been created to inspire you to claim and use your natural creativity and to develop your intuitive, creative muscles, confidence, capabilities, choices and clarity.

These abilities are available to everyone, and are the most empowering, fun and enjoyable way to open up and expand your dreams out of your heart and head and into the whole of life and business! 

Flexing our creativity feeds more than our hearts and souls.  It awakens our innovative thinking, enables us to explore healthier, more balanced "bigger picture" options for our lives and releases dormant energy required to make significant changes within, at home, in our workplaces and in our communities.

It's time for each of us to make our best contribution to a world that actually works for everyone.  To develop our ability to create win-win-wins...not win-lose situations.  To lean deeply into abundance, generosity and sharing, to create value that goes beyond ego, selfishness, fear and greed.  That reaches out and takes each other's hands, and strengthens our commitment to making this world and the way we share and contribute our energy and gifts in sustainable, magnificent ways.

OWN your own creative mojo!  Don't let past experiences and creative neglect become a way of life...develop new habits that are fun, explorative, experimental and valuable.  Developing ownership of your inherent, unique creativity leads to developing assets that are abundant, lucrative and wealth creating.  What are you waiting for?! 

There's no time quite like the present to combine your creative dreams with the know-how, practice and technology available to live them.  Use Creativity Gym to remind your brain, your hands, your heart and whole being how to become as alive, awake and useful as you're naturally able to be. 

Our world needs us to apply our creativity to find solutions to problems, communicate more effectively, enjoy each other and this amazing world we live in more.  Are you using yours to its fullest? Are you ready to up your commitment to expressing your creativity in ways that help shape a better way to live and work?

How Can I Best Use and Enjoy Creativity Gym?

You are able to select a wide range of creative options whether it's for yourself, a friend, your business team or a client.

From annual and monthly memberships in the Creative Exchange, to 1:1 and Group Coaching and Creative Work Outs, you are able to set up your own Creative Processes and Practices in ways that best suit you, your current and desired lifestyles, aligned to your deepest goals and most inspiring dreams.

Programs like The Creativity Journey, to The Art of Success, to Authenticity, to Genius Within, and other creative adventures and experiences can be designed and offered as live workshops, 1:1 coaching, online programs, train-the-trainer/coach and in-house training courses.  

Each experience utilises a range of signature tools and methodology from Creativity Gym, from Power Painting to Soul Painting to Intuitive Art Journalling experiences.

Our talented Soul Artists don't just facilitate courses and workshops. They energise, encourage and inspire you to release your own inner muse.  We also show you how to apply your developing creative confidence, muscles and fitness to all areas of your life, both personally and professionally.  

Do I have to be in Johannesburg to participate?

Nope!  We cater for both physical and online clients, and are available to work anywhere in the world. 

We offer pre-booked creative sessions and workshops for individuals and groups and also provide corporate team development, paint parties and occasional retreats wherever makes sense to our clients.

We are also available to come to you, no matter where in the world you are, and we have retreats that you can fly to be a part of too.  Online Creative Coaching is also available via Skype.  We are continuously developing our range of Creativity Products for you to download and access online no matter where in South Africa and the World you are! 

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Who is MischalaJ?

MischalaJ is the owner of Creativity Gym and Action Innovation, an intuitive art and creativity guide, seasoned corporate presenter, guest speaker, facilitator, intuitive creative consultant, trainer and coach.

Her deep background in Project Management, Organisational and Business Development and Entrepreneurship has come full circle as she now combines those skills with a unique creative and agile take on how best we can make awesome, authentic transformations and changes happen in our personal and business lives.

A globally renowned teacher in the human potential movement, Michelle Jacobs has been actively facilitating, training and developing the human side of projects, dreams and innovative creativity since 1993.  She has travelled, trained and taught in South Africa, the USA, Australia and Singapore, and has received numerous accolades for her own abilities to implement what she teaches, including the top-rated trainer at the Singapore Institute of Management two years in a row, the AVA Award for SA Express, Cosmopolitan Mover and Shaker of the Year, and two nominations to be Managing Director:,of a Telecommunications and a Project Management company.  

In addition to holding a board level and shareholder position in her early career, Michelle has run her own business, Action Innovation, since 1998.  For over 2 decades through her leadership, training, facilitating, coaching and speaking, Michelle has inspired and empowered individuals and businesses to achieve new heights of personal and professional aliveness, abundance, career and project success and authentic happiness. 

Michelle holds an Honors Degree in Organisational Psychology and a Bachelors Degree in Organisational Psychology and Economics, along with a variety of qualifications and certificates in Corporate Social Investment, Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Facilitation, Creativity, Visual Art, Training, Innovation and Project Management.

She is the founder of Action Innovation, Creativity Gym and Growth Galaxy, a creative transformational group of brands providing new ways to be creative and innovative in the world. 

Shape a new vision for 2030 through training and team building programs, seminars and products that shift perspectives on what’s possible, improve skills levels to make it happen and produce real, profitable, creative change and success.

She started Creativity Gym to have a physical "lab", available to develop and teach non-traditional creative ways to be our most happy, alive and powerful selves.  That approach evolved to become geographically independent, and is now available through the Creative Exchange, The Creative Collective and via either direct or online programs.

Her intuitive approach to facilitating workshops and public speaking combines creativity and personal empowerment methods, to achieve fresh, inspiring and powerful outcomes.

What approach do we use?

We provide intuitive, meaningful, non-traditional, unusual ways to explore, develop and express your creativity, who you really are and your full potential (at team and individual levels)...using intuitive visual sessions, movement, silence, music, inspiration, and more, depending on which classes and workshops you choose.  Every technique is simple, accessible and able to be accessed intuitively, using your own inner guidance and wisdom. 

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