Creatively Imaging Your Tomorrow in the Here and Full Colour

When your life comes to an end, what will you have accomplished? What will be the results of all your daily, weekly, and yearly efforts? And what about today? Do you see the remainder of your life as limitless in its potential? Do you feel you have great, untapped promise? Sadly, most people feel they are capable of a life far more enriching than the one they are currently living. 

So what’s missing? And what steers us away from what we want and makes us accomplish far less than we had hoped? What has been suggested is that our level of success is in direct proportion to what we actually get ourselves to do… what we actually act upon, believe in, are passionate about, and willing to follow through on.

Extensive research by several prestigious universities points to the same conclusion: people who accomplish and perform at optimum levels, do so by having a clear vision and goal of what they want. Having a clear vision and goal is the hallmark of high achievement.

Dreams, goals, and your own innate potential are useless without having the ability to follow through on them. So, what clear vision do you have for your future, or are your hopes merely a dream? To achieve anything, you first have to see what you want. To do so you must create your own personal vision. Visioning and goal setting is a combination of using the mind and body, mental and physical, thoughts and actions.


Workshop Preview:

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will artfully and imaginatively explore what visioning is and why it’s so important. You will also look at how having a vision - a mental picture of what you desire, is an important key to success in life. And finally, you will do some exploration and discovery around creative goal setting; and discover how goals can get us from where we are to where we want to be in our lives.

Workshop Benefits 

In this workshop you tap into your imagination and create a future vision of what you want for your life. Then, once you have this vision - this mental image of your future – you can creatively plan out the short-term steps needed to reach it. 

You will also create focus and eliminate the distractions that keep you stagnant.  With your colourful vision alive at the forefront of your mind and heart, with actual visual reminders that you can see everyday, you will stay centred on the right road that will lead to your specific destination.

Course Contents for 



  It begins with an activity entitled, “The Black Spot” where you are encouraged to look beyond what’s apparent and see what’s possible.

The Power of the Questions We Ask

  This component looks at how the questions we ask ourselves can dramatically impact our life.

  It includes an activity entitled, “Pick a Question” where you choose a question that interests you and capture the answer it generates, and explores its significance and relevance.

Visioning: What it is and Why it’s Important

  This component reveals how having a vision, a mental picture of what we desire, is an important key to success in life.

  It includes an activity entitled, “Over the Waterfall!” where you engage your imaginations through a creative visualization.

  It also includes an activity called “Partially Completed Pictogram" where you complete a pictogram while listening to a short presentation. You then dialog about what stood out for you from the information presented.

Goal Setting: Getting From Point A to Point B

  This section explores how goals can get us from where we are to where we want to be in our life.

  It includes an activity entitled, “Road Trip” where you explore the concept of having purpose, focus and direction in order to move forward in your life.

  It also includes an activity entitled, "Partially Completed Pictogram” where you complete a pictogram from the information provided during a presentation. You then share what was significant for you from the information presented.

  And finally this section includes an activity entitled, “Visioning & Goal Setting Worksheet” where you review a tool that can help you create your own vision and set your own goals going forward.

Course Review

  This section reviews what has been learned to allow for long-term retention by you. This step is the culmination, the fulfilment, of all the learning that has gone on during the workshop.

  It includes an activity entitled, “Let’s be FRANK!” where you learn and apply an acronym for F-R-A-N-K in your life with regard to visioning and goal setting, and also ties the whole workshop together with the completion of the creative art based tools you were introduced to over the workshop duration.

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