Enjoy a half-or full-day workshop in Chakra Painting Rainbow Dancing where you'll be guided through a simple yet powerful process of activating each energy centre using movement and music, colour oils and transformation sprays, intuition and painting.

Using deliciously coloured water based paints and mixed media, you will create several expressive paintings on paper following an intuitive art method that everyone can access immediately. This workshop is a combination of body, mind and spirit, giving you a taste of Soul Painting while balancing and energising your chakras!

Color oils and divine transformation sprays are available for sale after the workshop for you to use in your own space to balance, self-heal and energise yourself every day. It's an experience that will leave you deliciously full and radiantly colourful from the inside out.

The effects of Chakra Painting Rainbow Dancing can be felt in every area of our lives for a while after the workshop, with wonderful, surprising results.

See our Products page for an easy-to-download introduction while the full workshop is developed for you online.