Innovation and Creativity Journeys for Leaders and Teams

Businesses the world over are discovering how essential it is to develop innovation capabilities in the workplace.  Along with that, the science of happiness at work is showing that having fun while innovating can go a long way to ensuring staff retention and higher morale than competitors.

Gain the competitive edge and make an investment in your teams that yields measurable, profitable results.  Apply innovation and creativity to any business challenge and watch your staff strengths and confidence flourish.  Create services and products that shine, and help customers to make the only obvious choice - a long term loyalty and commitment to coming back for more, time and time again.

Consult with Creativity Gym and Action Innovation to design a customised Innovation and Creativity Journey for your Business, Exco Team or Staff today.  Alternatively, dip your toe in the warm ocean with a taster session for teams such as an inspirational talk, a mini-innovation workshop or signature team build, such as shaping and translating your vision collectively through Power Painting, below.

Signature Power Painting Team Build

Action Innovation and Creativity Gym, one of South Africa's top corporate teambuilding and innovative, intuitive creativity studios brings over 20 years corporate experience facilitating groups and assisting teams to understand innovation and achieve practical results.  Our Power Painting Team Build is designed to inspire and challenge a team building group creatively and ascertain whether they can effectively listen, intuit, interpret and experiment in order to create an intuitively composed symbolic small box canvas painting from abstract concepts, intentions, values or objectives.

The Power Painting Team Build is ideal for groups who want to challenge their inner strengths, creativity and right brain skills, and it can take place indoors or in covered outdoor areas, depending on weather.  Groups are guided step-by-step through creating personalized symbols, colour palettes and expressions and then interpreting these through composition into an expressive painting on a small box canvas.  Power Painting is usually linked to positive intentions, objectives or values that your business would like to spend some quality time engaging teams with.  The outcome would be one Power Painting per participant, our largest group size so far yielding over 60 paintings to take back and hang in the office as desired!

Team building skills developed during all team development sessions:    Active listening and communication    Personal power and intuition    Right brain skills of imagination, lateral thinking, creativity and innovation    Left brain skills of simplification, composition, symbolic representation    Switching off the inner critic long enough to work through creative barriers    Ability to let go, relax and have some fun    Prototype completion within timelines using multi-layered creative techniques

A basic process painting overview and step-by-step encouragement and guidelines are given as part of each activity. Spontaneity as well as planning are essential at different stages, and teams will need to discuss, experiment, explore and decide at each stage of the Power Painting process.  Delegates must work effectively both within themselves and if required by certain groups, within each team they may be a part of to accomplish the challenges at hand.

Groups are supported creatively and are free to interpret the exercise as they see fit. At the end of the session the teams have the option of having each canvas hung in the offices of the company, in particular clusters, or separately.

Sessions can be held outdoors or indoors at most venues, and the non-toxic water based paints used will mean participants need to wear suitable clothing they don't mind messing on or staining.

A great option for a teambuilding, conference or leisure group looking for a fun, low impact activity that can be done indoors.

Customized and "ready-To-Go" Creativity Gym Team Events 

We offer standard team builds for "ready-to-go" options and we also provide a customized approach to bring tailor-made creativity session into any team event in ways that suit your group size, venue, budget and objectives. 

Duration1/2 day or full day, unless a larger brief and set of objectives are required which require longer durations or long term team interventions.

What Is Included:  All art materials, required facilitator(s), planning and set up.

What Is Excluded:  Venue hire, audio-visual equipment hire, transport, accommodation, meals, drinks, branded corporate wear. All of these items can however be arranged for an additional fee on request.

Level Of Ability:  No previous artistic experience or creative skills required.

Please complete our client details form online here or email us the details of your requirements, and as soon as you would like to go ahead, so we can make create a proposal for you and ensure all materials are ordered in time!