Creativity Gym is SUPER BUZZED to announce it's latest offerings...of CREATIVI-TEAS and the MILK & HONEY RIVER-LUTION

Read more about exciting ways to release your own spiritual, emotional, and value driven love of life again...while flourishing socially and financially...below

The Milk and Honey Evolution

There are many ways to soften how we live our lives and smooth the rough edges.

The Milk and Honey Evolution is one way to do that. It's an invitation into a way of life, a mindset, and a way of BEE-ing in the world that changes what once felt hard and impossible, to something that puts you at complete ease and simply flows, the way you'd most love it to.

It's all about understanding how simple it can be to share our honey, that soul-sweet nectar that we are made of, and how to complete the circle of abundance by also receiving beautiful value, honey and yes, money, in return for what we gift others.

We're all connected, and the Milk and Honey enables us to see this in real physical and financial terms, as well as begin to experience that amazing truth in our hearts and spiritual dimensions too.

Join a practical program, introductory tea, a hive-away to escape the harsher world you may be experiencing currently, and dip your toe into what's golden, sweet and possible.

You'll be shown how simple it can be for you to simply express creatively, and through a supportive hive, be enabled both socially and technically to make a new designer life happen for you and those you love.

Nurture and Free Your Inner Queen and King Bee

Reclaim your inner sacred divinity, and understand how precious and empowering true equality can BEE.

We are all capable and worthy of an amazing life, and we live in a world with plentiful resources, skills to create just that.

Release your own inner ability to BEE your regal self, while nurturing your spirituality in ways that serve your highest dreams and most divine reason for BEE-ing YOU, here, on this amazing planet, right now.

We explore our inner honey bee, worker bee and queen/ king bee in beautiful, simple ways, and ensure harmony between all three.

Expressing our true selves is so liberating, sharing our honey with others so deeply enriching and rewarding.

Tap into new ways to flow, glow and grow that are intended and designed for anyone, no matter your situation, background, challenges, education level, current level of resources or language.

Honey Ink and Hive Teas

Imagine pouring our your heart and soul, in ways that enrich and enliven you and those around you.  Imagine it BEE-ing as simple as 1,2,3....Honey Ink and High Hive Tea!

We have specially created a range of delicious tasters and experiences for your inner Queen Bee to enjoy what it is to BEE really free. 

Freedom is our birth right, and these get-togethers remind you of how empowering it is to own that truth practically for yourself again.

Join us for Ink and Hive Teas, Hive-Aways at nurturing locations that uplift and loosen your whole soul.  Be rewarded instantly with a different way of BEE-ing in the world.

Learn the art of the simple first step beyond thinking. 

We cover spiritual, emotional, physical and digital ink methods for your to explore your own honey system and find the ways you most love to flow.

The fountain of joy and harmony, of health and wealth,is within us all....these experiences are most beautiful ways to share the gold we've been storing up inside us for so long.

Join a Hive and Thrive

Why fly solo when it's possible to play together?!

We're social creatures, and designed to work, love, play and enjoy life together.


Bring your honey and your golden dreams into life through a supportive collective that is designed to help your amazing life and business thrive.

There are often many pieces to the puzzle of creating a life and business we really love, each hive will be designed for each individual Queen/King Bee, for you to be nurtured, supported and nourished into your most flourishing possibility.

We will remind you how to BEE yourself while BEE-ing the Queen Bee of your own hive.

For those who love to share beyond one hive, join a Hive Collective, and BEE a guest speaker and cross-pollinator across several Hives in SA, Africa and Worldwide.