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Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Monday, July 12, 2010 Under: Visual Art & Soul Journalling
Well, I am moved yet again by the power of everyday life to reinforce why expressive art is so important to me. The vulnerabilities each of us have show up from time to time, and when we're able to share or express this in some way a shift happens, perhaps a form of healing. But what if you don't have a person to express it too? Or the people you'd like to share it with are not receptive? Enter the blank page, the blank canvas and our tools of the artist trade. Whether you choose crayons, oil bars, water colours or pastels, your hand, a sponge, a twig, a toothbrush...expressing non-verbally is an incredible means of not only clearing that inner space for more life to continue growing, but it results in a pure form of art. A self expression that takes us back to our tribal times, our ancient selves, our deeply knowing and wise souls. Here we are now, in this body, with these experiences...but articulating that in symbols, images, text, any codes that have personal meaning for you...could be expressed in any era. It's timeless. The soul lives in infinite timelessness. And it waits patiently, sometimes not too patiently, for us to move ourselves in its direction. In a world smothering us with so much coming at us from the outside, turning inwards and releasing that message is often the only inspiration and direction we need. And certainly the one most in touch with the authentic spirit of who we really are. Have you expressed through art today?

In : Visual Art & Soul Journalling 

Tags: vulnerabilities self-expression tribal ancient wisdom 
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