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Dancing our way to Power Painting our Dreams

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, In : Power Painting 
Our dreams start off in the air around our heads and hearts as wispy little white puffs like clouds that disappear when you look straight at them.  We know they’re there, but they are undefined… just a yearning, really… for something… we’re not always quite sure what.

Then we think about them, flitting about in the air like mulit-coloured butterflies… powdery yellows, red and blues start to tint them slightly…oranges, golds and purples embolden them... feint shapes may appear…...
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Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, In : Creative Soul Food 
My heart whispered into my ear but I was busy answering the phone.

It waved frantically at my frazzled mind but I was writing out a long to-do list. It thumped against my ribcage trying to get my attention, but I was busy doing laundry.

Then, exhausted by my long day, I sat quietly for a while on the couch, boiled the kettle for a cup of coffee and with multi-coloured koki-pens in hand, started doodling my stresses away.

‘At last!’ my heart said (as my mind relaxed) and sang a song that f...
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Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Thursday, January 19, 2012, In : Dream Journaling 
"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." - Friedrich Nietzsche

A morning spent journaling dreams in living colour is a bit like a holiday or a meditation.  It gives me the space to indulge my own creative chaos through intensely personal and joyful self expression and brings my soul back to sparkling, scintillating life.  It hauls my heart’s desires out from the cobwebby attic of my mind and lays them out in front of me so that I can view them, resonate with them a...
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Creativity meets high tech!

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Thursday, January 12, 2012, In : Creativity and Technology 
I am very excited to have come across a way to create these tangled word images...have you been seeing them around too and wondering how to make one?

I will be trying to insert the code for it here, but being non-techie I will find out with you if it works!

This is all part of me moving more into the online space and creating digital images and products - I am learning a fortune about being creative technologically every day!

Aha! I see it has worked!  So, this one is all about the Dream Journal...
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