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Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Thursday, December 22, 2011 Under: Creative Soul Food
So, with 2012 knocking on the door, the Creativity Gym Xmas elves & fairies are hard at work!  We're putting together exciting, meaningful creative treats for you to enjoy this coming year, and will be introducing a new team member to you too. 

I have long believed that to lead a creative life, I need to be... awake!  And so leading my creative life has meant finding out what it takes to stay alert, conscious...not falling asleep.  And I don't mean literally, I mean in those every day ways that sneak up on us when we're busy "doing life"...walking to the beat of other people's drums... instead of our own.  In ways that subtly, slowly but surely start to erode at the very foundations of our creative core if we let them.  For me, I find I need to be awake to my inner critic, or it may take over.  Instead of giving her too much space or authority over things important to me, we can learn a sensational dance if I teach he some new steps, to a few new rhythms!

And so, part of my quiet time over these festive holidays will be reconnecting with my creative inner muse...and the muse of my new Creativity Gym colleague (the brilliant, divine and fabulous one you will meet very soon!).  Together we will be developing the creative sensations we most enjoy and believe will uplift, inspire, nurture, grow and otherwise give your creative mojo a boost this coming year.  We've always combined visual creativity with movement and sound, with taste and our 6th sensation, imagine how beautifully these will weave their gorgeous strands into the threads we create together in 2012.

For those of you longing for a creative outlet meanwhile, feel free to download any of the digital products we have in store on the website so far.  You can treat yourself to 4 great gifts of self-loving, or a full e-booklet of tips and ideas and ways to create your own Visual Art Journal full to the brim with Soul Pages...or you can familiarise yourself with your chakras and use the info to energise and replenish your energy centres over the holidays.

I look forward to seeing the fruits of the festive season's labours when we meet with you in the New Year!

With love and Xmas coloured lights

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