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Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Friday, October 29, 2010
I have long thought that improved creativity can lead to more powerful results when developing business strategy, new sales and building companies.  The deeper I delve into both, the more clarity I have on why this is the case.  Essentially, you need the same core foundation, or inner perspective, in order to be successful at both.  There's a myth that "Right Brain", creativity, interpersonal work and the like are all in the domain of "soft skills".  If that's true, why do the vast majority if people struggle to be fluent in creative endeavours and successful in relationships?  They can in fact be among the hardest things to achieve well in...and that's to do with how well we are able to believe in our creative dreams, our abilities and our worth.  And if you read any up-to-date books on how money is made, how commerce and trade flourish...well, you've got to be able to "think rich"...and "feel rich" order to become the kind of person who can create wealth and a flourishing business.  And to do all of that...well, we're seeing the common denominators now.  You need to believe in yourself, your dreams, abilities and worth...and then you're able to feel alive enough to generate the energy to go out and do the deals!  Creating art stretches me as much if not more than any business undertaking I've ever had.  And now, experiencing shifts in my creative world, I see how the two aspects of self can dance more beautifully together as skills and abilities and inner perspective matures and develops in either.  As I become more able to unleash my creative talents, I see myself able to flourish more in business.  And so, today, as I've felt on many days, opening my first Intuitive Art studio has been one of the best things I could have chosen to do.  Viva Creativity Gym...where working out and building my artistic muscles is leading to greater business strength too.

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MischalaJ MischalaJ is an intuitive art and creativity business owner, seasoned corporate facilitator, intuitive creative consultant and coach. She started Creativity Gym to have a physical studio available to develop and teach non-traditional creative ways to be our most happy, alive and powerful selves. Innovative sessions and mini-workshops combine creativity and self development to achieve unusual outcomes...see the Creativity Gym FB page for reviews and products you can do from home from our products page...or book your paintbrush on the "What's Happening" page if you are keen to join me at workshops in Johannesburg!