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Dancing our way to Power Painting our Dreams

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 Under: Power Painting
Our dreams start off in the air around our heads and hearts as wispy little white puffs like clouds that disappear when you look straight at them.  We know they’re there, but they are undefined… just a yearning, really… for something… we’re not always quite sure what.

Then we think about them, flitting about in the air like mulit-coloured butterflies… powdery yellows, red and blues start to tint them slightly…oranges, golds and purples embolden them... feint shapes may appear… we can make out the basics of structure forming but nothing is completely clear. A symbol? A shape? A word? A unique colour? A hint of what’s to come...

Later we meditate on them, dance to them, actively visualise what we truly desire and allow our hearts to draw what our souls see. Suddenly they take on three-dimensional form...and we breathe them in, imagine them filling our lives with substance, joy and delight. We take sponges and paintbrush and start to swirl. To layer. To blend.  Add, subtract, this way and that. Embellish, love, pour intention and hold with tender loving care.  Rainbows appear and our dreams fill out in living, breathing colour.

And what do we end up with?

On paper, several options for compositions that energise us.  Many ways to imagine these dreams becoming possible and real.

On small box canvas, the layered, multi-media, spontaneous symbolic expression of our deepest desires and innermost yearnings.

In our lives, our bodies, the spaces between our cells... the first imaginative steps to making them real. On our walls, a powerful, visual reminder of who and where we want to be and the power lying inside the seeds of our purpose for being here.

Join us on February 11th for a morning or full day session and immerse yourself in the fun of intuitive painting on small box canvas...easy, simple, step-by-step...for everyone who has a dream and wants to see a full colour expression of it every day.  See our "What's Happening" and "Power Painting" pages on the website for more juicy details and to book your paintbrush.

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