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Good Morning!

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Under: Wake-Up Blogs
Sweet and good morning to you my darling Creative Hearts! 

How are you doing today?  I have woken early (for me) and have decided to create a morning ritual of journaling today.  I will be checking in with where I am and what I'd love to share as I wake up, and before I put on the kettle for some delicious herbal tea, I'll share that along with a few other treats to get our morning juicy and full.

You can imagine this as our own virtual PJ party!  You may already be at work, or you may be getting ready for your day, or you may actually still be in your PJ's like the time you read this it may even be time to go back to sleep at the end of your day!  Any which way, I do believe that connecting at this precious time when my un- and sub-conscious meet the day, and my conscious gets to greet them both effortlessly without much resistance, will be wonderful, enriching and wholesome for us all.  We spirit beings are sensitive.  We get each other!  We can feel our one-ness, and we were intended to connect in real ways.  So from my blog post to your heart, here is our Good Morning love letter number one.

I have been emerging from a dream in which I'd been a stand-up comic for a relaxed group in a small auditorium.  Not sure where the real comedian was but I think I had unexpectedly stood in for whoever it was as they were needed elsewhere.  Even the thought of that makes me laugh :-)  I would need to dust my sense of humour off quite well, which is perhaps the point of the dream :-)  I started hearing a sweet song in my head, "Rainbows keep falling on my head..." (to the tune of "Raindrops keep fallign on my head..." and my thoughts went to being so thankful for a dinner I had last night with one of my wise brothers (I have 3 brothers and 2 long-almost-lost step brothers who now live in the UK).  He has a generous heart, sharp mind and abilities he has cultivated for coming up 3 decades.  He inspires me and reminds me of the importance of creating great daily habits. A well timed talk, giving a boost to the commitments I have recently made about movement, nutrition, overall health and sharing my wealth and treasures in the coming year.  Thank you for being a Human Angel last night :-)  So very much appreciated.

Thinking of Human Angels, my darling best friend who now lives just one or two kilometers from me did an angel reading for me yesterday.  The first 3 cards of 5 spoke gave these messages:
* There's nothing to worry about...flow...only infuse loving thoughts and emotions into my business situation to ensure the highest possible outcome flows effortlessly to and through me...
* Listen to guidance...everything has been taken care of...quiet body and quiet mind so you can hear the guidance you are being given quickly and clearly
* Joy...with a picture of an angelic woman riding a dolphin :-) springs from appreciating the gifts from each moment

Well, so much joy will be springing this year ahead, as every single moment holds amazing and beautiful gifts, for sure.  I am so deeply thankful to be here, to have this opportunity to grow and glow, to make a beautiful contribution and difference to our world each day.

One of my favourite books, and one I'll be using in the upcoming Dreaming called "Manifest Your Desires...365 Ways to Make Your Dreams a Reality"...and my gift to you this morning are the readings from the pages I opened to (with intention but randomly of course :-) this morning:

"...remember that you are Blessed, loving Beings; and that you have come forth into this physical time-space reality to joyously create"...

"...Your true knowledge comes from your own life experience.  And while you will be a constant gatherer of experience and knowledge, your life is not only about that - it is about fulfillment, satisfaction and joy.  Your life is about the continuing expression of who you truly are."

The second set of quotes I'll pop up on the FB page this morning to continue sharing soul treats over there :-)

Finally, aside from now feeling it's time to enjoy that cup of sweet vanilla, rose infused, liqorice tea and eat something delish and nutrish, I am aware that the main reason I am excited to share and encourage all of you to grow in your creativity as I do mine, is that we CAN.  And no matter how many years of thinking that you can't, that's simply not true.  Creating things that delight our souls brings us joy!  No matter what it may look like to anyone else, no matter what small or supposed non-purpose it may serve according to our inner critic...these things matter not.  What matters is what we create everyday.  And so, my dear and darling Creative Hearts...what colours and forms are you thinking of creating in your world today?  What luscious and wonderful oases are beginning to spring up from within?  Your thoughts are beautiful, your stories are true...we want your words, your expressions, your poetry, photos, song and dance.  Every time you create something, you share a little of who you are with the world, and it becomes a better place. Express away!  I encourage you to create a wonderful breakfast, a delightful greeting, a special private thought that lights you up from the inside. Anything, and everything, that allows your spirit to dance more freely in the light today.

I will be back, and am looking forward to the day this blog becomes interactive so you can leave comments and share wholeheartedly in the PJ party I've started!

Have a divine day...

With love n Rainbow Wishes

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