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Intuitive Painting in our bones

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Thursday, July 8, 2010 Under: Soul Painting
My partner-in-crime, Brenda and I both have Intuitive Painting in our bones. It resonates with our souls...and feeds our spirit. And it makes perfect sense to our "right brains"...the creative side of our minds that craves the light especially when we've done long stretches in the left brain world of business. We're offering our courses because we love it, believe in it and want to learn and share everything there is to experience in it. It engages the whole self - yet gives the "logical self" a time out. It teaches us to let go of our often harsh self criticism...which is like rain after a really dry spell . Who doesn't want a break from that inner critic? I can't wait for our first public workshop in's going to be souliciously sublime, I just know it.
Yours creatively, Mischala J (aka Michelle)

In : Soul Painting 

Tags: intuitive painting right brain creativity self criticism workshop business courses 
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MischalaJ MischalaJ is an intuitive art and creativity business owner, seasoned corporate facilitator, intuitive creative consultant and coach. She started Creativity Gym to have a physical studio available to develop and teach non-traditional creative ways to be our most happy, alive and powerful selves. Innovative sessions and mini-workshops combine creativity and self development to achieve unusual outcomes...see the Creativity Gym FB page for reviews and products you can do from home from our products page...or book your paintbrush on the "What's Happening" page if you are keen to join me at workshops in Johannesburg!