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Make a Delightful Date with Yourself - March 31st

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Thursday, March 22, 2012 Under: Intuitive Art
Intuitive Soul Painting Workshop --- 

 Imagine yourself, paintbrush in hand, maybe feel in' a lil' nervous 'cos you're new... but it's ok because everyone seems friendly.  There's some chatting, some hellos, some intros and some friendly laughter... probably a cupcake or two hanging around the edges... and then there is a moment... an unannounced kinda moment when everyone just cows... It's time to start.

 First you relax.  Just r e l a x ... Your eyes close, you sink back in your chair and simply do nothing for a while.  You are un-connecting and reconnecting.  Un-connecting from critical thoughts and negative emotions; reconnecting with the simple joy of being, becoming aware of the deep one-ness between you, the world, Spirit and the people in the room. You feel light and free and a little playful.

 As you sit you start to become aware of the delightful, childlike inner-self that waits... yearning to express itself.  Then your gentle tutor tells you it's time to choose a colour. What do you feel?  Warm and orange?  Fresh and green?  Wide and blue??? You pick your colour and start to paint what you feel.  As you paint, you see your soul taking shape in front of your eyes.  You start to understand your own depths your own mysteries and your own delight... and you start to see that you are not painting anyTHING. You are just painting... in flow with the tides of your heart.


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