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Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 Under: Creative Soul Food
So, it's officially my coldest day this winter, and despite being indoors, under a divine blanket with the aircon on full blast, I am feeling the freeze.  While I check my mail, unsubscribe from more spam, and tap into a few online circles I'm a part of, I also have a feeling that a blog is in order.  It's been brewing, like a good pit of divine smelling coffee.
And so, here it is.  Tapping away on plastic, my fingers find a rhythm that creates a stream of action between my thoughts and you.  Words across the divide, the way colour will be tonight when we Soul Paint.  And what for?  For nourishment.  Amazingly, as much as I give I seem to receive...maybe, rather strangely, even more.
Words have their place in creative life, for sure.  In fact, are we not born from them?  Sound, a magnificent force, birthing new creations daily through rushes of intellect made real through directed language that inspires action.  I am thinking of a genius friend of mine, with a gift for writing like very few.  Yet he remains on the dry side of his talent, the place where we wonder what we should write, for whom, why.  We get stuck, and we don't do what we're so clearly able to do.
Well, comfort food can take many forms.  Let us eat our way through the dry spells.  Let us feed our bodies sunshine in the form of plants that taste good, let us feast our eyes on shapes and form that encourage and grow us from inside.
Let's listen to sounds that uplift and warm us, let's move to the rhythms that catch and spark from within.
I know creativity is a communal effort, so let's share.  Bring some of your soul food to the party, and I'll bring mine.  We can meet in the middle and when the table's empty we'll dance.  Dance our way into new worlds of love and light, play and crazy delight.
Can you feel it?  Soul food is everywhere. Inside us, all around us...we simply have to stop long enough to smell the coffee.  Sip the coffee.  It's good...and it's caffeine free.
For me, life is all about natural, sustainable highs.  Colour, sound and movement feed me.  Friends and gifted souls who share themselves willingly add to the festivities.  Let's eat, drink, sing and be merry.
With love and light

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