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Why Intuitive Expression need not only be through Painting...Drawing, Dance, Movement, Journaling, Writing, LIVING and more can all be intuitive!

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Monday, June 13, 2011,
So I guess this is the point of why I started Creativity Gym and what I know keeps me going: my life is one big expression of my spirit...and who else will know how that needs to look except me - from my inside out?!  So, it needs to be an untuitive, self-lead journey, and with that idea in mind, I set out to explore my inner and outer world ...creatively. 

I am continuously amazed at where the adventure leads, when I give myself more and more permission to express my fullest self, my most se...
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Who's MischalaJ?

MischalaJ MischalaJ is an intuitive art and creativity business owner, seasoned corporate facilitator, intuitive creative consultant and coach. She started Creativity Gym to have a physical studio available to develop and teach non-traditional creative ways to be our most happy, alive and powerful selves. Innovative sessions and mini-workshops combine creativity and self development to achieve unusual outcomes...see the Creativity Gym FB page for reviews and products you can do from home from our products page...or book your paintbrush on the "What's Happening" page if you are keen to join me at workshops in Johannesburg!