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December News 2010

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Wednesday, December 15, 2010,
Well, it feels like I'm ripe and ready for a new post.  Much has been happening in my studio and my life, and here's where I have an opportunity to share it with you! 

The last weekend of studio classes and workshops was brilliant.  We started with Visual Art Journaling, slipped in a little Soul Painting, and ended with a moving Chakra Painting experience.  I absolutely loved every minute of it.

The feedback every time I give a session is remarkable.  I am always moved by how people are transf...
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Big Girl Panties

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Sunday, July 11, 2010, In : Fun and Networking 

I just logged into a women's only website, Female Tribe, and found a most delicious and daring post by their online coach. She is also responsible for networking, so I am eagerly awaiting to see what she can coach me on. I am sure I will have all my dreams comes true this year :-) This was my response to her raving about being 42 and able to step into her Big Girl Panties at last...

 Dearest BIG GIRL PANTY wearer Reading your post couldn't have come at a better time - I'm on the site b...

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A place to call home

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Sunday, July 11, 2010, In : Art Studio 
Well, the Creativity Gym Studio has been painted!  It's new look hopefully transforms it from an ordinary space to something between a white cube and a paint party venue.  A place for fellow Soul Painters and Intuitive Creatives to call home.  We will be opening our studio on the 25 July and holding classes from the 27 July 2010. Woohooo!

We are planning a soft launch after our initial workshops and classes being held until Spring this year have completed.  By then we will have a humble but gr...
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MischalaJ MischalaJ is an intuitive art and creativity business owner, seasoned corporate facilitator, intuitive creative consultant and coach. She started Creativity Gym to have a physical studio available to develop and teach non-traditional creative ways to be our most happy, alive and powerful selves. Innovative sessions and mini-workshops combine creativity and self development to achieve unusual outcomes...see the Creativity Gym FB page for reviews and products you can do from home from our products page...or book your paintbrush on the "What's Happening" page if you are keen to join me at workshops in Johannesburg!