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Take that to the bank! But, not the Memory Bank.....

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We always thought, before, of our memories as banks of images imprinted onto our minds and hidden somewhere in the back of the brain for storage.

The latest research on this has turned up an interesting factoid. We don’t have a memory ‘bank’; what we do have is thousands of associative connections which, when they are stimulated, call up what we call a memory. But what is called up is not a memory in the sense that we have come to understand it.

Memories are freshly created every time we ‘remember’ them – sometimes accurately, most often subjectively, and relatively often, completely inaccurately. This is what leads to phenomena like ‘false memories’... all those things you could swear have happened but which never really did according to your uncle Charles.

This is a very important piece of information. Considering that what we call ‘life experience’ consists, essentially of memory, it calls our very sense of self into question. Were we really the person who used to pluck sweet berries from the mulberry tree at dusk, is it true that we fell over and bruised an arm that Sunday afternoon? There really is no way of knowing for sure. Not unless uncle Charles captured the event as a home movie.

Since we have no access to the actual truth of the matter, it makes a lot of sense to allow ourselves to make a beautiful life by adjusting slightly those parts of our life story that are painful to us... in fact, we already do this without realizing it... it is part of the way in which we are programmed.

They say you create your reality. How powerful would it be for your self-esteem, your sense of wellbeing, your sense of belonging and openness if you consciously created your past the way you would have liked it to be... as someone who was completely loved and nurtured, playful, free and able. What could THAT do for the creation of your beautiful future?

And what if one were to draw your sweetness and light to make it more concrete? How much more powerful would that project be?

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