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The power of photos

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Under: Photography and Your Art
Photographing your art serves so many purposes. 

Of course it's a way to share it with art friends (who understand it's not always that easy!) - to keep it as a record for yourself personally, and to start a portfolio. Having a portfolio allows you to browse back over your creations over time, and recognise the progress you make. After all, just making art in the first place is progress, as many of us know! Yet so many people really never acknowledge themselves when they do.

We believe it also immediately adds value and a kind of 'weight' to your work. It means you appreciated your creativity to document it! And you are then able to imagine one day manipulating it digitally and seeing the results that produces. It can create an exciting loop, working "real" physical art into a digital form, playing with it on various programs available, and then feeding it back into the real world again, through print outs on paper, canvas or other media. You can cut up paper print outs or paint and work over them again in a variety of media...and yet again, surprise yourself with yet another iteration of the original impulse and pice you started on. 

Have a layer-by-layer record of this kind of spontaneous art making process can also serve as a useful tool to remind you how you did a certain piece when you'd like to more artworks like it in future, or return to a technique and use it in a new way.

We offer photo-documentation of all our courses and workshops means you will forever have a digital record of each layer of your work! It's fascinating to see progress over time, and there's a lot you can do with your art digitally too. We encourage you to bring your camera (even phone cameras) too, so you get into the habit of taking pics and appreciating your art too. 

Remember, no matter what you work looks like, this is a site made to encourage and support your creativity! So, take the plunge, post a photo of something you've created, painted, journaled or otherwise fashioned - on our facebook page and you will be rewarded both inwardly and by our thank you gift of 10% off your first booking!
Creatively yours,

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