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Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Under: Soul Painting

 It was a muggy afternoon. His voice mingled with the heat and hovered around the room like a lethargic fly.  ‘Making art’ he was saying, ‘is not about being able to draw. It’s about being able to SEE. 
As an artist, you must be able to look at an object and really SEE its lines, its edges, its shadows; you must be able to capture its three-dimensionality onto a page.’  I gazed at the clock that hung at the far end of the room. The seconds limped across its indifferent face like drunken ants. 

And then a cool breeze brushed my mind and the elusive whisper of a laughing, muse tickled my ear.   She said, ‘Drawing well is one thing… but imagine what it would be like, beloved, to draw your own soul. To be able to see its wild lines, its yearning edges, its hidden depths; imagine being able to splash its ecstatic journey onto a page.’


 In rehabilitation centres they teach a lesson which, if each of us was to learn it, the happiness quotient in the world would simply skyrocket. 
It’s a simple lesson, an easy lesson…. But somehow, it is also one that we tend to miss by a mile; you have to do something different if you want a different result.    
And that brought me to thinking about why we don’t… you see, to change what you’re doing, you have to change your thinking. And that, my darlings, is where the cookie starts to crumble…. Because changing the way you think is probably one of the hardest things for any of us. I mean…. Your thinking is… your THINKING. You don’t just wave a magic wand. 

Thinking differently means thinking creatively.     

Thinking creatively means exploring ideas that you’re not used to exploring… in a way that you’re not used to exploring them. 
When we soul-paint, explore our ideas through art or simply doodle meditatively, we tickle our creativity into life. Given even the slightest chance to express itself, creativity comes bounding out of your soul every time you open that door. 

Need to be more innovative?  Creativity is synonymous with innovation.

Need to come up with new ideas? Being creative the most effective way to find original ideas. 

Need to find your mojo again? Creativity always brings out your gifts, your wisdom and your passion.    

So yeah… maybe a magic wand isn’t the answer… but a magic paintbrush…well that just works a charm.

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