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Thriving lucrative creativity business in South Africa

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Tuesday, May 31, 2011
I am so aware of my "tribe" out there in the world thanks to the internet. I am meeting and learning from people who are spiritual creatives just like me, many of whom really skilled at business too and who are carving such beautiful niches in their markets. I am inspired!
The work I have been doing lately is so gentle and uplifting, I am wondering if I have finally created that place I have longed for: doing what I love every day and really being rewarded well for it.
At the end of my last corporate "job", I became clear on my intention - to create a thriving, lucrative creativity business. That has been developing in interesting ways for the past two years, and I am learning so much. It takes everything...and seemingly grow into who we really are. Such a paradox :-) I find if I try to fall into the old ways of competitive spirit, overworking, working hard not "heart", etc...the opportunities and my own inner wellsprings dry up. The moment I tend to them, relaxing and letting wellness flow back in...voila! My original intentions seem to reconnect with the world and clients I never expected show up, call, book sessions and workshops and training...all in my sweet spots and all with people who are eager and ready to grow and learn too.
It feels wonderful, and I am so grateful. I now officially earn more than I did in any previous corporate role, even the really high paying ones, and I am more aware, awake and responsible with what I do with the flow of this wonderful energy than before. I know how to say no, how to say yes YES YES! And how to be delighted with surprises that come my way. Life is truly an adventure, and I for one am loving mine.
Viva the intention to grow a thriving, lucrative creativity business! Viva! It is the stuff my dreams are made of....
So...the question is ....where are my playmates?  A big shout out and hello to thriving lucrative creativity businesses elsewhere in SA...

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