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Using the colour RED to energise and transform your life...

Posted by Michelle Jacobs on Thursday, September 30, 2010 Under: Transformation Colour Oils & Sprays
So who doesn't want to get the benefit of colour in their life as fully as possible if you're creative, intuitive and wanting to develop yourself? That's my thinking anyhow, and I've added a few new tools to the studio this weekend to make it easier and more delicious for our classes and workshops to "work". Red is the colour for your energy, grounding and enthusiasm. It can shift stuck energy and release anger, irritation and frustration! Use for protection and creating an abundance of what you'd love in your life... Red is specific for energy - and for re-building your life force. Painting in red, wearing red, using the transformation oil in red or the angel spray and eating/drinking red foods and drinks like strawberries, red peppers and red apples are all excellent ways to start rejuvenating if you are tired all the time, or feeling depleted or stuck. The oils we used in the Chakra Workshop on Sunday are Divine Transformation Oils and I am just loving having them and the Angel Sprays in the studio. I've used the oils on and off for years and really enjoy them as a tool for my own personal energy work. Each bottle contains plant, nut, herb and flower oils, crystal energy and sacred geometery...and they are made in a sacred loving process by their creator, delish is that! The oil brings in a sense of deep personal acceptance and with it, personal power and natural contentment with being here, being who you are, having a place on our beautiful, crazy planet. It brings balance whether you are too aggressive or too submissive and very usefully helps us to ground if we're feeling spaced out or up in the clouds. You can rub it anywhere from the feet to the coccyx (bottom of your tail bone)...the physical domain of our base chakra. Use with blue oil in the evening to bring calmness and help you to sleep. Or with pink or clear "siver" oils to open the heart. The shelf life is 6 - 8 months once opened and they need to be kept out of direct sunlight (although it's divine to put them onto your skin and bask in them for a few minutes in full sunshine :-) Should the colours change or fade - they are supporting someone in the environment and would ideally be used by them. Email me if you're keen to try them!

In : Transformation Colour Oils & Sprays 

Tags: base chakra  transformation  colour oils  angel sprays 
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