Chakra Painter Rainbow Dancer Notes

$ 19 USD

Illustrated notes, mind maps and information created in full colour just for you!  Use as inspiration to create your own home body-mapping, chakra dancing and rainbow painting practices. 

Add to your yoga or movement meditations and create amazing character strengths from your natural abilities to be connected, creative, compassionate, purposeful, expressive, intuitive, visionary, unlimited and radiant! 

Delicious for your whole being...used regularly it energises, clears, balances and expands our energy and auric fields.

Made with love and Rainbow Wishes from my heart to yours. Enjoy!


4 Easy Creative Ways to Self Love

$ 10 USD

Want to get your creative juices flowing with four easy-to-do-now ideas? 

This little e-booklet is bursting with color and love, and is designed to give you a little taster or sampling of Creativity Gym ideas that will start your sparkly creative engine running. 

Perfect if you don't have a lot of time, feel like you don't know where to start, and need a quick creative infusion that will start you on a colorful path to self loving today.




Soul Pages - A Creative Journaling Adventure

$ 29 USD

Join us for a JUICY e-course that can be completed in your own time. 

You will receive a stunning full colour PDF oozing with exercises and ideas for your visual art journal practice to grow and glow.

A free "virtual tearoom" with tasty virtual teatime treats will be a special bonus gift as part of your download pack.

Go beyond words...and express your soul in full colour today.