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Original, Innovative, Creative Flow

Do you remember doodling as a child, or as you grew older, on the phone? And  in meetings or training conferences, listening with half an ear to someone, and half an ear to something else?  Well, that something else is the creative waves moving through All That Is, it's the Universe, the Creative Divine, flowing right through your creative core, and out through your hand, onto the page.  It's Cosmic Co-Creativity grounding itself through you, and it’s been patiently waiting for you to discover its enriching, enlightening ways, forever.

Join us for an introduction to creativity tools through moodling.  A-muse yourself, all the way to your creative essence and innermost ability to create anything your heart and soul really long for.  Discover how moodling can easily and simply set your personal and most powerful creativity free in the most relaxing and simplest way possible.  Explore how it can be used in a variety of settings to benefit you socially, emotionally, financially... in any dimension at all really.  Find out about creativity and innovation tools including imagination, perceptual space, story making, design thinking, rapid prototyping, thumbnail sketches, storyboards, colour palettes, using personality and originality for branding new creations, gamestorming tools for teams and more.

What A Moodling Workshop will Cover

What is Moodling?

¶  It’s a delightful, inspiring mix of deeply personalised, full colour doodling with entirely co-created expressions from the Divine Creative both within you and all around you. It connects you to All That Is… from the part of your heart that whispers the softest, to those aspects of your beautiful being and innermost truths that so often go unnoticed, unexpressed.... invisible. 

¶  It’s quality time for you and a natural, creative holiday for your whole being. It's a way to destress, unwind and unlock the zone of timeless flow, expansive spaciousness and limitless possibility.

¶  It’s an awesome way to be in touch with the creative, vibrant, relaxing so-called right side of your brain and whole of your beautiful being and intuitive self.

¶  It’s a gentle way of entering personal time, soft time, bliss time, your time.

¶  It’s a creative way to access deep inner listening, wisdom and natural, creative self-expression, with ease and joy.

¶  At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to claim your very own style as “My way of Doodling = Moodling!”

No prior art or creative experience required.  We will gently let go of of any perceived blocks, worries and wonderings.... playfully releasing our inner critics....letting them go on holiday too, while we co-create into the Great Mystery of our heart and soul's deepest and lightest longings and wishes.

The following Moodling Materials are included when you join us for a physical creativity session:

  a pack of Moodling Kokis

  your own Moodling Journal

  plus access to a range of wet and dry moodling materials and media to experiment with

Learning Outcomes

Through joining the Moodling Playshop, you will:

  •   Remember why moodling is so good for us

  •   Explore the science and art behind moodling

  •   Experience moodling and caboodling for yourself

  •   Use moodling to relax and de-stress

  •   Express yourself creatively

  •   Discover your creative voice

  •   Develop your unique, creative fingerprint

  •   Explore your own innovative ideas, your joys and passions

  •   Uncover your essential values and hidden beliefs

  •   Create soulful, creative journal pages from the heart

  •   And so much more!

Course Contents for 


Musing Your Way to Your Creative Essence and Connecting Your Innermost Self to the Creative Divine

  Part 1: Creating a Value Based Context & Container & Conditions for Your Moodling

*      Welcome to your materials and the workshop.

*      Invitation to not listen 100%!  To draw and play with your materials as we go…

*      Introduction to the brain and how the left and right brain serve to balance and synergise each other if we allow them to....and whole beingness

*      The power of iconography and symbols to empower our creativity on many dimensions, including so called "real life"

*      The use of silence and inner “music”… inner voice of enjoyment, personal freedom and creativity… understanding how to free and release voices of comparison/ judgement/ anxiety/ limitation...and tune into the frequency of love, encouragement, inner harmony, joy and bliss

  Part 2: What is Moodling?...and What on earth is Caboodling?!

*      An introduction to mind mapping and doodling combined into “My-Way-Moodling”....along wit "Caboodling"...when we create our moodles from the Creative Divine

*      Exercise to landscape and symbolise your life through simple images and power words.

*      Warm ups for your right brain – perspective diagrams and vase/mirror exercises.

Warm ups for your whole being - awakening your dimensions and pathways within and ...a little jump to the right....

  Part 3: Moving straight into Moodling…and Caboodling...a natural starting point

*     Warming up your moodling journal with a “Pour Your Heart Out” two page spread...

*     Remembering and recalling what you’ve doodled before… expressing your personal symbols and natural creative blueprint!

*     Acknowledge your personal preferences, shapes, symbols and potential meanings… and owning these as your starting point for your collection of Moodles.

*     Understanding collective consciousness and how our unique expression of similar or same concepts is what makes then valuable and interesting to us and others.

  Part 2: Understanding the Benefits of Moodling & Applying it To Key Areas of Your Life

*     Why moodling enables deep relaxation and de-stresses us – pick one area of stress to try it out with.

*     Using moodling to up your creativity – create a daily practice and see how far your confidence builds over the next thirty days.

*     Fuel for artworks – choose your one (or several) favourite moodle(s), recreate it in watercolour/ mixed media/ acrylic paint or any medium of your choice.  Scan into your computer and print onto canvas.  Hang in a prominent or personal space to inspire you every day!

*     Caboodle for cosmic inspiration for Divine heart and soul based product and service or business development.  Think of extending your current role/ products/ business or starting your own product line coming from a creative heart opening and soul centred space.  Moodle for 15 – 20 minutes as an investment in a way to see how to live, work, love, be yourself, share your gifts....differently.  Share results with potential or existing clients/ colleagues for feedback and refine using their input in a second round of moodling.  Repeat the process until you have an outcome clients would love to use and exchange real value for!  Moodles can be an awesome way to add value to other people's loves, while putting food on your own table or funding your next family holiday away!

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