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Morning: Take Stock & Celebrate Successes Creatively - 9.30am - 12.30pm

Afternoon: Divine Dream Techniques for Your Year Ahead - 1.30pm - 4.30pm

 R450 1/2 Day Fee

 Full Day (Includes Morning plus...Afternoon)

R750 Full Day   

Spend the morning or full day celebrating successes and dreaming in full colour.  
Techniques will include:
* sticky note drawings
* balloon counting
* modern alchemy
* guided visualisation
* cloud painting and more 


This is for you if you would love to:

* explore journaling beyond words, using visuals, paint, full colour methods

* take beautiful stock of life up to 2011

* learn simple techniques to build your self esteem, self confidence and self worth so you can build your inner asset base for 2012

* develop a full colour mind-map your dreams for 2012

* explore why your dreams are important for you and for others

* explore the difference between needs, desires and dreams taking a look at your own personal needs hierarchy

* develop rich, layered personal symbols, imagery and colour alphabet for important areas of your dreams and ideal situation like love, money, career, relationships

* create ‘dream pages’ and ‘dream art’ from your whole soul rather than just a written dream journal from your left brain

* become part of a huge community of visual journallers worldwide

* be inspired by local and international examples of amazing art journal entries

* have fun doing simple, creative mixed-media art in a relaxed, encouraging environment

* try something new

* meet other visual art journalers and relax into the new year creatively, confident that your dreams are able to be developed in line with your deepest wishes and values

What you will receive:

* A ‘practice’ journal to test delicious new techniques and fabulous ideas in mixed media

* An inspiring personal approach and new methods to deepen your dreaming process and dream journal work

* Several methods including subconscious collage, poetry, power words and dialoguing with your inner world and archetypes

* Use of all materials, juicy mixed media& inspiring resource material

* Guidelines, know-how and facilitation from fabulous Soul Artists

* Visual, emotional and mental soul food long after the course is over

* Photo-documentation of your process put up on Facebook to enjoy after and share with friends and family

Fee includes all art materials and your fab facilitator(s). Just bring yourself!

For those staying full day we are within walking distance of Indulge coffee shop and basic cafe drinks and foods are also available at the studio venue on a cash basis.


For those who already have their own art supplies we offer a 

Budget Plan   

to accommodate and welcome you to play with us ! 

*R200 per MORNING session

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R400 per FULL day

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Bring your own art materials!

Applies to ALL workshops 



If you decide to join the future 4- or 8-week Dream Journaling Course later in 2012 you will receive:

** A Creative Dream Community that meets every second week for 4 weeks or 8 weeks

** Guidance on how to use creativity, mixed media art, guided visualisations and movement to develop and learn how to develop and deliver your dream life

** A focus on personal growth and development dreams in the first 4 week course

** We will explore questions like:

** What are your passions, loves, interests and deepest dreams? What is your truth about why you are here and your purpose? What gives you joy and lights up your soul in full delicious colour?

** A focus on personal career, business and financial freedom goals in the 2nd 4 week course

** An A3 hard cover journal

** Practice in how to transfer rough journal entries into hard cover journals

Email us with 4 or 8 WEEK DREAM JOURNALING COURSE in the subject line to be kept up to date with the schedule and outlines of what will be covered, where and when.