Greetings Fellow Earthlings!

Have you been earthbound for far too long…?

Do You Long To Reach Your Own Creative and Star Potential?’s time to take an innerstellar journey!

Enter Growth Galaxy, a space that enables you to animate your hopes and dreams and stretch your imagination.

 Everything you need for the journey is brought with for the ride, and propels you into your future complete with clarity, vision and a world of infinite, abundantpossibilities.

We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. ~ Stephen R. Covey

What is your Niggle?

Niggles come in many many forms. Did your niggle come from an incomplete achievement, a broken promise, a sense of being lost, or unfulfilled?  Perhaps a phone call, an unexpected visitor, a letter from a long lost friend? Did your niggle present itself in the form of a dream? Did you overhear something that resonated and awakened your niggle? Did a death, a new born life, or a cat's purr activate your niggle… or did something imperceptibly, or even dramatically, change in your life?

Take a moment and ask yourself...what is niggling you?

It requires great courage to preserve inner freedom, to move on in one’s inward journey into new realm.

Rollo May

And it possible you've been ignoring it? 

Is your niggle uncomfortable and painful? Does your niggle make you feel heavy and depressed? Does your niggle intrude at “inappropriate” times? Are you swallowing your niggle down? Are you ignoring its presence, denying its existence? Are you making yourself as busy as possible, or as numb as possible, or as distracted as possible...only to find your niggle still there? Persistent and unrelenting?


You are not alone.  At this point, a lot of people jump ship and begin to lose touch with their true, core self.  It can be a truly scary thing, to learn to journey within, to be with our greatness, because it also requires being with our vulnerabilities, and shining a light on some previously unexplored territory.  Deep down we know we need to buckle up and begin our innerstellar journey, to make it to our best and brightest, lightest selves, but we often delay it for as long as we can.

"Why?" you may ask… "Going on a journey is normally exciting. The anticipation of discovering new places and exploring new lands is supposed to be thrilling…isn’t it?"

Then why are you feeling squirmy?

Why have you not booked your first class ticket and began your journey?

… are you afraid?

… don’t have the time?

… because it’s too hard?

I’m certain you can fill a page just with the excuses, but still… your life seems to have hit a wall, and you’re asking ‘why me’, ‘why now’ or even ‘who am I?’
You’ve come to a point in your life when you feel like something is missing. What are you going to do? How are going to cope?

We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.
~ Marcel Proust

Of course you are free to refuse your niggle, refuse that nagging knowing that something is missing, that something is not right in your world. Yes you can refuse your niggle… but you and I both know that it’s not going away, no matter how hard you try to deny, negate, reject, refute, or ignore it…it is there! 

You might not be aware of this, but your innerstellar journey has already begun. You are called to realise your full potential, and to become a force for good in the world the second you are born, and some even believe, the second you are conceived, and still more believe, the second you create your reality.

Think about it this way… you have ALREADY taken the first step on your innerstellar journey… and as the saying goes; the first step is the hardest!

Growth Galaxy invites you to now take step number two, and respond to your niggle. Respond to you niggle’s call and join us as we embark on a wonder-filled innerstellar journey.

You didn’t embark?

The force is strong in this one…

When you respond to the call to begin your innerstellar journey, it can be difficult to know what to do next, and it’s good not to rush forward at this point.

Growth Galaxy’s approach is guided by principles and practices intended to create gentle and fun processes of shared exploration where you will find a safe space to nurture personal and professional authenticity and gather the courage to act on it.

We, as your travel guides, have has created spaces that are open and hospitable, but resource-rich and charged with expectancy.  Growth Galaxy allows you to explore our content and then have the freedom to purposely process it in your own way, and at your own pace. We invite participation rather than insist on it because innerstellar travellers speak by choice, not on command.

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

~ Matsuo Basho 

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