Intuitive Soul Painting Workshop - Watch for online sessions in coming months.

Working layer by layer in water based paint on paper, you will be guided to use your intuition, find your inner artist and release your creative muse!  Work as big or as small as your spirit desires...let go and release into colour, shapes, form and pure soul expression.

What is Soul Painting?

Soul Painting is about discovering the secrets of your soul through paint. What would it be like to feel free again – with no restrictions or influences in your mind? What would it be like if you could paint your heart out and not care what others thought of it? Or what you thought about it? What would it be like to paint freely with no boundaries straight from your Soul, not your inner critic?

Soul Painting is a self guided, intuitive process of painting in large format with unlimited layers. You will learn the art of observing your actions without judgment, learn to let go and just enjoy the process.

Leave a Soul Painting session with an unexpected, unique painting...and an experience that has enriched your Soul.

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Soul Painter, Brenda, says, “For me, Soul Painting is like watching the layers of my life with all the interesting things my mind brings up, all the emotions I go through and all the polarities that I experience in the world everyday being put into one safe place. There but not there, seen but not seen, and finally, a surprising artwork that feels like an extension of my being. I love this process because it gives me a taste of what it is to be truly free from the judgment in my mind that is strong. It’s like dancing with paint and dancing through life all at once. ”