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When:Saturday 22nd Feb 2014


Time:9:30am - 4:30pm


Where: SunninghillJohannesburg

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We all want to experience success in our lives, but perhaps the stronger desire is the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from our success.


Authentic, personalised success systems and strategies bring deep, fulfilling benefits. The tangible reward that being successful brings, the feeling that comes from accomplishment, improved wellbeing, expanded inner and outer vision, liberated potential, enhanced personal power and more.


Experiencing success or feeling successful is more than achieving a goal or reaching a milestone and how that makes you feel. It’s about the reintegration of self, the alignment of what’s true and important to you, and the excitement, renewal, wholeness, meaning and satisfaction that this brings. Ultimately, being successful also includes a change in your perspective and your sense of self, the “universe of you”. Yes, you have accomplished a goal. But you also have taken quite a journey. At the point of every successful endeavour, you are different. Your endpoint is also a beginning.


How do you bring this sense of alignment, integration, can-do-ability and potentiality into thevariousaspects of your life?  You’ll find out on the Art of Success workshop, where you are invited to discover your own personalised success system creatively through the use of self expression and exploration tools, awareness techniques, progress measures and creative activities that empower you to take yourpersonal artful journey into the heart of what success means to you, developing the simple skills and powerful energetic systems you need to visualise and activate it.

Workshop Preview:

Learning Outcome

You will feel renewed and transformed as you explore the definition of success, learn how to harness your internal and external strengths to achieve your goals, and turn your new discoveries into tangible results.

Workshop Benefits

On this adventure you will discover:

  How to explore your own unique views on what success means to you

  The #1 most overlooked tool for success…

  The 2 TOP “Must-Have” strategies that you will need to guarantee successful outcomes

  How to OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE, persevere & stay on track, even in the face of the toughest roadblocks & challenges…

  The most common pitfalls that you will encounter and how to avoid them

  How to equip yourself with THE RIGHT TOOLS in the beginning to keep you going until the end…

  Easy but powerful little tricks designed to KEEP YOU MOTIVATED…

How to create YOUR UNIQUE, repeatable Success System and Plan for any project, using creative methods and the WHOLE of who you really are

Course Overview the Art of Success One Day Adventure & Lifelong Journey

Introduction & Welcome

 Activity #1: “Check-in and Expectations”

*    Activity Objective: A creative warm-up to awaken our artful right brains, hearts and whole beings, welcome each other into the workshop and create the conditions to grow and glow!

¶  Activity #2: “Success Explorations & Creative Self Expression”

*    Activity Objective: Using full colour, we imaginatively explore various aspects of self and create a context for “success” and the personal realities that your success operates in.

Segment #1 – Starting Out

¶  Activity #1:“What is Success for you?”

*    Activity Objective: Participants explore a personalised, unique definition and view of success.

¶  Activity #2: Personal Dashboard and Measures of Progress

*   Activity Objective: Discover the various measures of success for yourself, and create a personalised benchmark for where you are now.  Measure again as you journey forward, using creative tools to check in with your inner and outer world with greater clarity and awareness.  Understand the importance of before, during and after measures for your journey through stages and phases of life and work related success.

Segment #2  – Perspectives and Creative Alignment Tools for the Trip

Activity #1: The three realms of success creation

*    Activity Objective: Participants imagine a journey through three different realms as a metaphor for  how success develops and happens over time.  Liberate your inner, physical and "out-of-this-world" creative super powers and use them to create success!

Activity #2: “Identifying My A to Z’s of Success”

*   Activity Objective: Become aware of the number 1 most overlooked tool for success: the power of your thoughts, vibrations, sound, colour and language. Develop an understanding of language, colours, sounds, music and thoughts that work for you, and those that don't.

Activity #3: Imagining My Personal Success Architecture and Flow

*   Activity Objective: Become aware of everything that is available to support your adventure into success right now.  Imagine the way it will look, feel and be in all three realms.  Evoke the natural, energetic blueprint in your own DNA and visualise it in full colour.  Add in all elements that flow through you and to you as part of your creative focus on how success really operates in your natural state.

Segment #3 – On Your Way

¶  Activity #1: “Treasure Chest”

*    Activity Objective: We'll identify internal and external strengths, support, tools, anchors and inspirations to help you continue through the journey you're undertaking.

¶  Activity #2: “Here be Dragons”

*   Activity Objective: Participants make and shape a map of the journey, and creatively identify internal dragon whispering abilities to assist them in overcoming fears, anxieties, issues, obstacles, challenges and more.

Segment #4 – In Sight: The View and Next Steps

¶  Activity #1: “In Sight: The View from the Within”

*    Activity Objective: Participants recognize how your perspective and internal reality changes as a result of your success endeavours...and how what's within creates what you begin to see outside.

Activity #2: Personal Creative Options and Success Plan

*   Activity Objective: Discover your own "soft time" rhythms and possibilities through exploring artist dates, soft eye observations and creative explorations into what's possible.  Choose the next steps that feel energising and uplifting to develop the beginning of your personal success plan and system.  Integrate the workshop processes into an overall success system and architecture that can be repeated at home and used forever.

My Golden Nugget

  Activity Objective: Participants reflect on the most valuable information you learned in this workshop.

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One Day Workshop Adventure & Journey:

Normal full fee: R1200 (SA Rands) per person
Special Early Bird Rate: R600 for Bookings Paid before 13th Feb 2014
Lefika la Phodiso NGO Rate: R300 for Art Therapy Counselling trainees or practitioners

Included in your fee:

  • full day facilitation
  • before, during and after measures of energy and success areas
  • all art materials required for the creative exercises
  • training materials

Online Course and Personal Coaching Format Available for

The Art of Success

  • The above workshop is available in an online course and a coaching format too. 
  • This affords you the privacy of working through each concept on your own, at your own pace.
  • This format can be used with or without the support and guidance of a coach if you would like that, whichever you prefer.
  • You will receive all the course materials, in downloadable format, along with a private coaching portal online.
  • If you would like to become part of an online Success Community, you can join that too. 

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